Summer Programs For Ages 5 - 12

Join us this summer for Hands-on Fun! We have summer camps for everyone who enjoys a challenge with crafts, games, food, and sports!

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Elementary Summer Programs

Dublin Campus 5 - 12 Years

Summer Camp with Flexible Options (5-12 Years)*

*Must be 5 years of age by June 1, 2020

We are gearing up for a fantastic summer of camp, but with a whole new theme: HANDS-ON FUN! Our camp is designed to meet the diverse needs of children, as well as the demanding needs of parents. This summer you can enroll for one week or all ten; whatever works with your family’s schedule! Camp is offered for children ages 5-12 years.

Each week your camper will be provided with a safe environment to enrich and challenge themselves through Crafts, Sports, Camp Games & Fun with Foods! From “Cupcake Wars” to “Capture the Flag”, we have activities that meets every campers’ interests. You do not need to be a Fountainhead student to join our program.

Our list of summer camps has something for every student, and, as always, Fountainhead offers an inclusive, flexible program with optional before and after care. All camps require a weekly sign up, and camps run from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, with optional before and after care from 7:00 am – 9:00 am and 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm.

During the themed weeks below, we will offer special activities & in-house guests that correlate with the theme of the week. With Crafts, Sports, Games & more, Summer Fun Camp is going to be an opportunity to create everlasting friendships & memories!

In addition to our usual weekly camps, we are excited to offer full immersion camps in both Spanish and Mandarin. Please note the immersion camps are full immersion with Camp Counselors speaking only Spanish or Mandarin. Previous exposure is helpful but not required.

This year, we will continue our technology camps that will be held in our computer lab. There are many options to meet the needs of all campers! It is very popular and fills quickly, so enroll immediately!

Prerequisites for Technology Camps:

  • For children 8-12 years old
  • Reading proficiency: able to read and follow instructions
  • Comfortable using mouse and keyboard in a Windows environment
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Summer Camp Schedule 2020

Week of June 15

Movin Groovin' Camp

Are you ready to Move and Groove? Our movement summer camp will include dancing, mixed martial arts, fast paced sports and Zumba! Our daily activities will all relate to athletics and will include an emphasis on sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership. Being in-tune with your body is what helps us stay active, the more we do, the better we feel. We want your camper to come home excited about movement producing happy feelings due to endorphins. Let’s have fun and get active!
Cost: $430

Week of June 22

Going Green Camp

In Going Green Camp, every day is earth day. We will build environmental awareness, encourage children to connect with nature and create recycled goods! Campers will be introduced to solar energy, landfills, waste management and how it affects the ecosystem. Children will reuse and understand the benefits of recycling. Recycling saves the planet in so many different ways including our wildlife. Let’s make going green mainstream!
Cost: $430

Week of June 29

Future STEM Leaders Camp

As your camper learns science, technology, engineering and mathematics in this camp; they will be introduced to the skills to become our future STEM leaders! This week, we will dive into programming with robots, solving on-hands problems, build elaborate LEGO structures along with other exciting experiments. Becoming familiar in the STEM field is what builds the next generation of engineers, scientists, coders and game designers. Come join us!
Cost: $344

Week of July 6

Cooking Camp
(Spanish and Mandarin Options Available)

Welcome to Camp Bon Appetite! Our campers will dive into a fun and zesty week of cooking and catering. Our cooking lessons will include reading and following directions, knowing the importance of a healthy diet, creating table settings, working as a team and practicing proper etiquette. We believe that cooking is an opportunity to engage all senses, and we will offer activities to nurture them. Through experimenting and improvising, our campers become confident and creative cooks. At the end of the week, we will invite parents for an Elegant Luncheon. We hope our little chefs will develop a lifelong love for cooking, as well as some handy kitchen skills!
Cost: $430

(see Prerequisites for Technology Camps)

There is very little we can do in today’s world without interfacing with a computer in some form. Computers are everywhere! But, how does one “talk” to a computer to tell it what to do? Coding is the process of translating an algorithm (a set of steps to accomplish a task) into a programming language. Campers will learn to define a problem and implement a solution using the Scratch programming language ( Learning to code has benefits beyond working with computers. It teaches how to problem-solve and fosters new ways of thinking that children learn to apply to all aspect of their lives. Actual lessons will be based on camper’s proficiency.
Cost: $344

Week of July 13

Theatre Camp
(Spanish and Mandarin Options Available)

Performing Arts gives children the opportunity to express themselves, develop language skills and strengthen their concentration along with memorization. Our campers will be focusing on the book “The Rainbow Fish” and will annotate the thematic threads, as well as create their own theatrical play. Through acting, playing and collaborating with peers, our little stage crew members will gain confidence and be brave while using their imagination to act their characters on the stage! Theatre Camp will give our campers the skills to help them develop a healthy appreciation of culture and the arts.
Cost: $430

Stop Motion Animation
(see Prerequisites for Technology Camps)

Campers will be using hand drawn art to create digital animation. In this dynamic week of camp, campers will create their own stop motion films from scratch! Working with camp leaders, students learn about how animation works, draw their own characters and sets, and shoot their stop motion animation films! Camper will work collaboratively in teams on their stop motion projects, learning the roles of film-making and building great friendships while they're at it! Along with stop motion, students will enjoy fun and creative games and activities with our teachers and counselors, plenty of outdoor time, and optional extended hours care!
Cost: $430

Week of July 20

Adventures of Art
(Spanish and Mandarin Options Available)

Adventures of Art Camp will introduce campers to various well-known Artists, both classic and modern. Each day, we will introduce an artist and show cast various artworks. Using these works as inspiration, we will support campers in creating their own masterpieces. Art is a great outlet for creativity and helps build on their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Art Camp will inspire campers to think critically while encouraging them to express themselves on various canvases. All materials will be provided, it’ll will only require your creativity.
Cost: $430

Graphic Design
(see Prerequisites for Technology Camps)

Campers will be introduced to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Camp leader will help campers to develop and improve graphic design skills while mastering professional design tools. This a great camp for campers to learn placement and design.
Cost: $430

Week of July 27

Evolution of Culture Camp
(Spanish and Mandarin Options Available)

Have you ever wondered how culture was established? During this camp, we will dive into the deep and rich history of our country. For those in immersion camps, we will cover Latin and Asian Culture. In the English Camp, we will discovery America’s history, ranging from important dates, influential people and even clothing! The history of these cultures play an important role in our society today. Let’s dive into our past and present, let’s learn!
Cost: $430

Digital Art (Design & Painting)
(see Prerequisites for Technology Camps)

This camp is designed to empower campers by engaging their creativity, curiosity, and passion for entertainment design. Campers are introduced to various forms of artistic expression in the fields of animation, visual effects, and games. Small class sizes enable Camp Leader to spark inspiration, share expertise, and provide students with a clear perspective on digital art.
Cost: $430

Week of August 3

Animal Planet Camp
(Spanish and Mandarin Options Available)

Calling all animal Explorers! During this week, your campers will take on adventures filled with animals. We will be introducing the various eco-systems, animal habitats, physical adaptations, endangered species and more! We will provide hands on activities where we explore animals from various parts of the world. Let’s enter their habitats, learn about what they eat and where they live. Come join us in exploring animals around the planet!
Cost: $430

Game Design
(see Prerequisites for Technology Camps)

Build an immersive universe with an introduction to fundamental game design principles, creating a unique game with RPG Maker MV. Suitable for beginners but capable of making intricate games, this software encourages detailed world building and unlimited creativity. Moving beyond the basic principles of game design, students will use JavaScript to put an inventive twist on their game and send their characters on an epic adventure!
Cost: $430

Week of August 10

Creative Cartooning Camp

Did you know that cartooning plays a large role in our society? Cartoons are used to express current events, are in movie shows and are found in books and newspapers. In Creative Cartooning Camp, your camper will create his or her own cartoons and story lines. We will cover elements such as inking, coloring, lettering and how to make detailed backgrounds with their characters. We’ll explore different styles of cartooning. In addition, we will cover cartoon artists, learn the process of cartoons, and be introduced to the classics such as Pixar. Your camper will bring home their own 3 panel comic, a personalized cartoon logo, one page story, some cartoon crafts and a mini comic book. All supplies will be provided, it’ll will only require your creativity.
Cost: $430

Week of August 17

Kids Olympics Camp

Our Kids Olympic Camp will offer a variety of sports, exercise and fun physical activities! We aspire to have our children learn the value of competition and leadership in a safe environment. Our Kids Olympics Camp will aim to enhance health and wellness, self-esteem, confidence, and teamwork through various sports and fun physical activities. There’s no limit to the kinds of games we will participate in Olympics Camp!
Cost: $430

Summer School: Elementary Only (5 - 12 Years)*

Our summer school program is highly individualized and hands-on. In summer school this year, we have a full schedule planned each day! In the mornings, we will be focusing on math, language & writing using the Montessori Method. In the afternoons, we will be exploring learning through hands-on, fun activities related to a theme as noted below.

Classes Available

Kindergarten – 2nd Graders (*ages 5 - 7)
3rd – 6th Graders (*ages 8 - 12)
* By July 1, 2020

Daily Routine

 8:45  Arrival
 9:00  Yoga 
 9:15  Class Meeting
 9:30  Work Time
 11:45  Wrap Up
 12:00  Lunch
 12:30  Recess
 1:00  Summer Unit Activities (see below for details)
 3:00  Clean Up/Jobs
 3:15  Departure

Session #1: Four weeks - June 22 to July 17
Time Travelers
For session #1, students will embrace history and periodic cultures of the world. Students will have opportunities to learn about fictional and non-fictional history of famous periods of time and reenact popular stories from legends, myths and fables.

Cost: $1,589

Session #2: Four weeks - July 20 - August 14
Kitchen Science
For this session, students will focus on learning about chemical reactions that occur when combining food ingredients. Students will have opportunities to track the progress of food related experiments, see what happened when two or more substances are combined, and even learn some culinary basics!

Cost: $1,589

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