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Fountainhead Montessori School was founded in 1972 on the Montessori philosophy that each child is an individual accorded the respect due to every person, and children think and learn in unique ways. A learning environment should be joyful, where knowledge becomes real understanding. Our school has come a long way since then, but our core belief is still the basis of our educational philosophy today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Maximum Group Size?

Fountainhead Montessori School's preschool program group size per classroom is currently 12 in accordance with our county guidelines. Our Kindergarten and other Elementary program’s maximum group size is 12.

Why is children licensing important?

Community Care Licensing is a division of California Department of Social Services. They set the regulations and requirements for all licenced childcare providers. Our licences assures parents that we comply with all the applicable rules and regulation.