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Toddler 18 months-2 Years

Montessori School Student

Montessori Preschool Toddler

The cozy Toddler environment provides children with a warm introduction to school. Trained teachers are ready to help children and their parents with separation and lead the children to the many age-appropriate activities available to help them become more independent.

This Montessori environment provides the 18-month- to two-year-old with experiences in practical life activities and sensorial and art exploration. The daily circle offers simple songs, stories, and expressive language experiences. The children enjoy daily outings to the Toddler playground, which features a small climber and sand play. The children in the Toddler class learn that school is a very enjoyable place to be.


Toddler Program Goals

Communication Development

Supporting your child's verbal, non-verbal, and listening skills for connecting with family, friends, and beyond.

  • Learning vocabulary by naming familiar and new items
  • Developing conversation skills by interacting with teachers and using books, pictures, and interesting objects
  • Songs, games, and circle activities
  • Following one-step directions
  • Listening and responding to others

Growing Brain Power

Providing an enriched environment and the personal relationships to make the most of your child's amazing brainpower.

  • Exploring cause and effect by filling and emptying containers, digging in sand, and playing games like peek-a-boo
  • Matching colors and shapes
  • Confirming object permanence by playing games such as “Guess where it went?”
  • Exploring the senses through different textures, tastes, smells, and sounds

Building Relationships

Helping your child develop trust, self-confidence, and problem solving skills for positive relationships with friends, parents, and teachers.

  • Participating during circle time, songs, and games
  • Bonding with teachers in a safe, loving environment
  • Learning to work in a setting with other children
  • Growing listening skills through conversations, games, and stories
  • Identifying and expressing emotions positively

Helping Healthy Bodies Flourish

Nurturing your child's physical well-being through active play and body awareness.

  • Identifying body parts through games, songs, and active play
  • Practicing daily-living skills through dressing, having snack, and cleaning up with the teacher’s assistance
  • Exploring and developing body skills while climbing, running, crawling, and jumping

Creativity and Individual Expression

Promoting an atmosphere that inspires your child's unique character through art, movement, music, and dramatic play.

  • Singing and playing rhythm instruments
  • Exploring a wide variety of art materials
  • Games, poems, and activities for moving and grooving

Observe a Class

By observing a class you will get a feel for the environment and curriculum. Feel free to observe multiple classrooms to make sure you have the best fit possible for your child.

Observe a Class

Goals of the Classroom

Our classrooms, which we call the prepared environment, will allow your child a great deal of independence within a defined structure.

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Choosing the Right Class

Our teachers can offer invaluable guidance. We want your child to be happy and successful at Fountainhead, just as you do.

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About Our Staff

Ninety percent of our head teachers have over 10 years of Montessori classroom experience. They are loving, creative, respectful, and supportive educators.

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Is Montessori right for my child?

Observe a class and see if Fountainhead is the best placement for your family. By observing a class you will get a feel for the environment and curriculum. Feel free to observe multiple classrooms to make sure you have the best fit possible for your child.