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Primary Pres./PreK/K 3-6 Yrs.

Montessori School Student

Montessori School Girl with Cards

These classes are held from 9 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., depending on location  The Primary class offers children a multi-age community in which to explore the Montessori prepared environment. This multi-age grouping (ages 3-6 years) is successful because the older child learns by being the leader in the classroom, and the younger child learns by observing the older child. This environment is intended to serve the child for two years.

The overall goals of this classroom are order, concentration, coordination, and independence. The children enjoy self-directed activities and experiences in the different areas of the classroom. Each area of the classroom—practical life, sensorial, language, math, cultural subjects (sciences), and art/music—is designed to invite the child to choose focused, purposeful work.

The children come together daily at circle for songs, poems, stories, demonstrations of work, games, and opportunities for expressive language and social development. The Preschool/Prekindergarten class supports the child’s sense of wonder and blossoming personhood.

Children 4 and older may also join us in our Extended Primary program. This optional class is an extension of our morning program and is held from noon to 3 p.m.

Primary Program Goals

Communication Development
Supporting your child's verbal, non-verbal, and listening skills for connecting with family, friends, and beyond.
  • Asking and responding to questions
  • Learning the names of teachers and friends
  • Telling simple stories
  • Identifying actions in books
  • Speaking to the class during circle
  • Following directions of two or three steps
  • Using words to ask for help
  • Practicing problem solving with friends
Growing Brain Power
Providing an enriched environment and the personal relationships to make the most of your child's amazing brainpower.
  • Practicing daily-living skills for grace and courtesy, care of self, and care of the environment
  • Exploring and building sensory skills and concepts with specialized Montessori materials
  • Completing works with step-by-step processes
  • Choosing independent, sequenced reading, writing, and number activities with teacher guidance
Building Relationships
Helping your child develop trust, self-confidence, and problem solving skills for positive relationships with friends, parents, and teachers.
  • Practicing thoughtfulness, respect, and courtesy with teachers and friends
  • Working individually, in small and large groups
  • Learning to take turns with popular activities
  • Gaining confidence by completing chosen work
  • Exploring similarities and differences among people
Helping Healthy Bodies Flourish
Nurturing your child's physical well-being through active play and body awareness.
  • Gaining control by walking around others’ work, and others’ bodies
  • Practicing good hygiene: hand washing, nose blowing, coughing into the crook of the elbow
  • Trying a wide variety of healthy foods
  • Improving large motor skills through action songs, games, walking, running, and climbing
Creativity and Individual Expression
Promoting an atmosphere that inspires your child's unique character through art, movement, music, and dramatic play.
  • Singing quiet, loud, silly, and pretty songs to explore musical variety
  • Imagining the world around them by studying other lands and cultures
  • Showing the beginning of abstract thought through representational drawing
  • Emphasizing process over product in artwork

Observe a Class

By observing a class you will get a feel for the environment and curriculum. Feel free to observe multiple classrooms to make sure you have the best fit possible for your child.

Observe a Class

Goals of the Classroom

Our classrooms, which we call the prepared environment, will allow your child a great deal of independence within a defined structure.

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Choosing the Right Class

Our teachers can offer invaluable guidance. We want your child to be happy and successful at Fountainhead, just as you do.

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About Our Staff

Ninety percent of our head teachers have over 10 years of Montessori classroom experience. They are loving, creative, respectful, and supportive educators.

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Is Montessori right for my child?

Observe a class and see if Fountainhead is the best placement for your family. By observing a class you will get a feel for the environment and curriculum. Feel free to observe multiple classrooms to make sure you have the best fit possible for your child.