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Extended Primary Age 4-6 Years

Montessori School Student


The older child (age 4–6) may be ready to enjoy this afternoon class, which takes place from 12 noon to 3 p.m. The Extended Primary class offers the child an opportunity to delve deeper into the curriculum, continue work from the morning Primary/TK/Kindergarten session, and/or explore additional work provided in the prepared environment.

This class is not a stand-alone class. It is available to children who are enrolled in a morning Primary Program or TK/Kindergarten class. Each day of the week has a special focus: Mondays and Tuesdays focus on reading, writing, and language skills; Wednesdays on mathematics; Thursdays on science; and Fridays on cultural subjects, history, and foreign language (where available). See below for more explanation of the Extended Primary focus topics.

Two to five Extended Primary afternoons may be selected. The children who stay for Extended Primary bring a lunch and eat together in the classroom. Practical life skills, nutrition, and social graces are part of the lunchtime experience. After lunch and a short playtime outside, the children gather at the circle for demonstrations of special activities. The children are then given the opportunity to choose what interests them from all the choices in the prepared environment. The Extended Primary class gives the older child continued practice with longer and more-involved work, reinforcement of skills, and enrichment in all areas of the curriculum.

Monday/Tuesday: Reading, Writing, Language Skills

Reading skills are presented through listening games, visual perception work, phonics, initial sound work, rhyming, word building, reading, storytelling, drama, poetry, and introduction to grammar.

Writing skills are presented through the practice of refining motor skills, letter formation, and writing phrases and stories.

Wednesday: Mathematics

Math skills are presented using 0–10 concepts, work with the decimal system materials, linear and skip counting, mathematical operations (+, -, x, :), fractions, and written numerical symbols and equations.

Thursday: Sciences

This focus covers physical (air/water, magnetism, electricity) and biological sciences (botany and zoology), astronomy, meteorology, geology, and ecology.

Friday: Cultural Subjects, Geography, History, Foreign Language (where available)

Cultures of the world are explored through the examination of customs, foods, crafts, language, geography, songs, dance, and celebrations

Extended Primary Program Goals

Communication Development
Supporting your child's verbal, non-verbal, and listening skills for connecting with family, friends, and beyond.
  • Having conversations, listening, and building on what others are talking about
  • Practicing speaking in front of others during circle
  • Controlling tone of voice and words for positive problem solving
  • Increasing vocabulary through books and conversation
  • Refining grammar through teacher modeling
Growing Brain Power
Providing an enriched environment and the personal relationships to make the most of your child's amazing brainpower.
  • Exploring science through hands-on experiments and activities
  • Understanding the common needs of all people by studying our own and different cultures
  • Continuing to explore sensory relationships with the Montessori materials
  • Reinforcing math and language concepts
Building Relationships
Helping your child develop trust, self-confidence, and problem solving skills for positive relationships with friends, parents, and teachers.
  • Developing friendships with children from other classes
  • Noticing and respecting the rights of others
  • Building a relationship with new teachers
  • Playing games that emphasize cooperation
  • Developing leadership skills by showing others how an activity may be used
Helping Healthy Bodies Flourish
Nurturing your child's physical well-being through active play and body awareness.
  • Practicing good nutrition and social graces during lunch
  • Using large muscles during active outdoor play
  • Developing small muscles through cutting, tracing, hole punching, and drawing
  • Stretching and relaxing with yoga movement
  • Learning about health by studying the body
Creativity and Individual Expression
Promoting an atmosphere that inspires your child's unique character through art, movement, music, and dramatic play.
  • Exploring colors in drawing and painting
  • Drawing pictures that relate to what’s being studied
  • Special music circles focused on instruments and composers
  • Rhythm and rhyming games and songs

Observe a Class

By observing a class you will get a feel for the environment and curriculum. Feel free to observe multiple classrooms to make sure you have the best fit possible for your child.

Observe a Class

Goals of the Classroom

Our classrooms, which we call the prepared environment, will allow your child a great deal of independence within a defined structure.

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Is Montessori right for my child?

Observe a class and see if Fountainhead is the best placement for your family. By observing a class you will get a feel for the environment and curriculum. Feel free to observe multiple classrooms to make sure you have the best fit possible for your child.