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Elementary Summer Camp

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Summer Camp Enrollment 2017

Enrollment for Summer Camp 2017 is now open. Space is limited. Details and courses listed below. To enroll, simply click the enroll now button.

Montessori Summer Camp, Ages 5-12

Fountainhead Montessori is dedicated to a whole student approach. The Montessori philosophy develops a student’s sense of self-esteem, dignity, independence, self-direction, and awareness of the community. Our camps are open to all students. You do not need to be a Fountainhead elementary student to join our Summer Camp program.

Our weekly Elementary camps offer individualized curriculum, ratio of 1:10, critical thinking skills, developmentally appropriate instruction, multicultural curriculum, multi-sensory curriculum, integrated curriculum, and cooperative learning.

We are gearing up for a fantastic summer of camp, but with a whole new theme: SUMMER FUN CAMP! This camp is designed to meet the diverse needs of children, as well as the demanding needs of parents. This summer you can enroll for one week or all nine; whatever works with your family's schedule!

Each week your camper will be provided with a safe environment to enrich and challenge themselves through Crafts, Sports, Games, & Fun with Foods! From "Cupcake Wars" to “Capture the Flag”, we have activities that meets every campers interest. You do no need to be a Fountainhead Elementary Student to join our program.

Our list of summer camps has something for every student and as always Fountainhead offers an inclusive program with optional before and after care. All camps require a weekly sign up and camps run from 8:45 am-3:00 pm with optional before and after care from 7:00 am - 8:45 am and 3:00 pm - 6:30 pm.

(During the themed weeks below, we will offer special activities & field trips that correlate with the theme of the week. With Crafts, Sports, Games & more, Summer Fun Camp is going to be an opportunity to create everlasting friendships & memories!)

For details of each camp please click here: Dublin Summer Camps Brochure (Large File, 174KB)

2017 Summer Camp Schedule

Week of Camp 1 Camp 1 Field Trip Camp 2 (Enrichment)
June 26 Zoology Camp ZOOMOBILE (onsite) Elementary Readiness
July 3 Fun & Games Camp Carnival (onsite) Creative Writing
July 10 Theater & Drama Bay Area Children's
Theater Show (onsite)
July 17 Theater & Drama Bay Area Children's
Theater Show (onsite)
July 24 Sports Martial Arts Class (onsite) Geography
July 31 Sports Camp Olympics (onsite) Science
Aug 7 Cooking Jr Master Chef
- Breakfast Edition
Aug 14 Cooking Cupcake Wars Coding
Aug 21 Art Camp Cafe Art Space Camp

2017 Summer Camp Descriptions

Zoology Camp

Join us for an adventure with all things furry, scaled, and feathered during Zoology Camp. We will explore a different class of animals each day including invertebrates, insects, reptiles, birds, mammals, and maybe, even a whole day devoted to raccoons with our Camp Mascot Owen. We’ll get to explore the tank-like exoskeletons of insects, the different types and functions of feathers, and smooth, never slimy, scales of reptiles. We’ll hunt for examples of each type of animal in our own environment as well as greet special visitors of the non-human variety. It will be an action fun-filled week!

Fun and Games

Play chess, learn card games, and create your own games through play and discourse. Develop your own games—think through the rules and steps of each game. Connecting the written word to the thought process helps creative writing skills and forms a better understanding of writing structure: a beginning, middle, and end. Figure out what games means in terms of math—it could be pattern recognition (chess), statistics (cards and dice), or even as basic as laying out a pattern for self-made board game. Have fun and embrace how games and math intersect.

Theater and Drama

This two week drama camp develops unique opportunities for public speaking and social skills. Campers work together to write their own plays and dramas. They work on active listening by watching others during performances, and observe visitors from the professional stage. Campers can explore various cultural celebrations/ history and create plays and dramas around the concept of their choosing. They learn about the structure of plays and the development of plots and themes. On the last day, campers will put together a big production for family and friends.


A two-week camp with something for everyone. Learn new sports, gain agility, foster teams, and friendships. Campers can learn more about the human body, and the impact and importance of exercise and healthy eating. Come learn more about how various sports and activities are developed in different parts of the world and the relationship to their culture and environment.


Cooking camp gives Campers lifelong cooking skills, and great practice in following direction and units of measure. Practice reading and following directions by analyzing and understanding the steps of a recipe. Utilize units of measure—how many teaspoons to a tablespoon? How many ounces in a cup? Cooking is a great hands-on way to help understand various units of measure and how they relate to each other.

Art Camp

Art camp gives Campers an uninterrupted amount of time to strengthen their skills and nurture their artistic talents. Decision making and visual learning skills are intensified through art as creativity and critical thinking skills are enhanced. Visual spatial skills are also developed through the use of drawing and painting activities. Through various mediums, Campers can learn more about art and art history. Campers will learn more about different cultures through the study of various art techniques from across the globe.

Elementary Readiness

This week is all about Elementary! Join us to see how we structure our Elementary Program while your child re-enforces their foundation of Math, Language, and Reading. We will work on time management and setting goals. Leadership and small group works are encouraged to work on academics, time management, and conflict management and resolution.

Creative Writing

This camp has been created for the youngest eager writers. Campers are introduced to parts of speech. They will recognize and use them in a sentence. Campers are taught to identify and form complete sentences with a subject and predicate. Campers learn to recognize basic capitalization rules and proofreading strategies. Campers become acquainted with the parts of a paragraph, and how to put them together to make a paragraph. They compose different types of paragraphs and learn to write in chronological order. Students move on ready to start learning about essays.


This week is about inspiring students through open, beautiful and creative math. We have chosen the different tasks so that Campers see math as a broad, interesting, and visual subject that involves deep thinking. Depending on your Campers level, we will engage with factors, multiples, prime numbers, number relationships, algebraic expressions and equations. Most of all we will have fun! Math is all around us and shapes our universe.


Language is at the center of all elementary studies. This camp develops a deep understanding of communication through studies of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Through storytelling and poetry we will work on listening skills and comprehension. Vocabulary and word study help build phonic awareness and parts of speech. Language mechanics is explored in a fun way through play, discussion, and literature. Most of all we build on fluency and enjoying the gift of reading.


Help your Camper become more aware of his/her world with GeoWeek. Campers start connecting their geographic knowledge, gradually building up a greater understanding about our complex world. It's not just a matter of memorizing lots of disconnected facts and trivia. It's relating to what you read about the real world. It's about learning about location, place, history, and regions. Our world is a complex place. Let’s put it in perspective for your Camper.


Empower Camper and build a foundation for their success, not only in science but throughout their schooling. Campers can put a name and reason behind concepts such as energy, friction and perspective. Through hands-on activities children will learn more about the scientific method and apply it to their own experiments. Campers can learn about important concepts including recycling, earthquakes, and fossils. Science camp will allow children extra time to explore topics of interest in more depth with hands on exploration.


Build elaborate objects, structures, and vehicles that explore fundamentals of engineering and physics. Campers will follow verbal Instructions and written directions. They acquire vocabulary by building and understanding the concepts of engineering. They understand balance learn about pulleys, gears, engineering, and physics with hands on lessons. Establish skills by following instructions, embracing small Motor Skills, and have project management opportunities as well.


There is very little we can do in today’s world without interfacing with a computer in some form. Learning to code teaches how to problem-solve and fosters new ways of thinking that children learn to apply to all aspect of their lives. Learning to code at an early age will allow those with an interest in computers to start building a foundation for tech leadership. The amazement in the Campers eyes as their lines of code “come alive” is simply priceless!

Space Camp

Campers explore space and astronomy with subjects like time, gravity, and constructs of our solar system. Campers can explore space and astronomy. Learn more about the concept of gravity and its effects on earth and in outer space. Children can learn about the plants, stars and constellations. Campers can learn more about ideas including time, gravity, and distance. (Example, an eclipse, study the distance from earth to various planets and how long it would take to get there etc.)

Camp Enrollment 2017

Summer Camp enrollment is now open. Fourteen, one week long programs starting June 26th.

Enroll now!

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Summer Camp Enrollment 2017

Enrollment for Summer Camp 2017 is now open. Space is limited. To enroll, simply click the enroll now button.