FMAE is authorized under federal law to issue the I-20 F-1 Student document to nonimmigrant alien students.

1. If you do not have a U.S Visa - Living Outside the US - Initial Status:

· FMAE issues the Initial I-20 document and a Letter of Acceptance to the applicant-student in order to secure an F-1 visa from the United States Embassy in the country of resident. The F-1 Visa allows the student to enter the United States and enroll in FMAE program as a full-time student.

2. If you have a U.S Visa Status - Living/Visiting/working in the U.S - Change of Status:

· FMAE issues the Change of Status I-20 and the Letter of Acceptance to the prospective student. These two documents, in addition to other documents, are submitted to the US embassy for issuance of the F-1 Visa.


1. Complete FMAE online application for international students:

Please have your documents ready: Passport, Transcripts, Diploma, Evidence of tuition fund. You will need them for your VISA interview as well.

2. Interview with FMAE officer. Receive email from FMAE, follow the instruction to complete the English pre-test, if you don’t have a TOEFL/IELTS score.

3. Pay fees for I-20.

4. Receive FMAE I-20 and start to apply for your F-1 VISA.

Please download the International Student’s Guide Book Here.

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