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The FMAE program admits students with a minimum of a high school diploma, or a GED, as candidates for certification. There is no pre-admissions test or evaluation, but upon registration for each class, you must complete an enrollment agreement.

Classes are held at 6665 Amador Plaza Road, Ste. 203, Dublin, CA 94568

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Transfer of Credits

Students with previous Montessori or Early Childhood Education units will be evaluated by the program director, if desired. Evaluation will be based on transcripts, previous work, written or oral exams, or all of the above. Credit allowed will be recorded on the student’s enrollment record, and the length of the course will be adjusted proportionately.

Tuition and Fees

The estimated cost of the entire AMS Montessori Credential is $7,078.
Break down:
Tuition $5,940 (All required courses)
Materials and Application fees $700
AMS/MACTE fees $438

Tuition per class, per quarter is $495. College credit for most courses is offered for an additional $430 per class. Intern fees are $1,038, which includes the AMS Adult Learner Fee, and the MACTE Adult Learner Fee.

All tuition must be paid online. All fees are paid directly to Fountainhead Montessori Adult Education. It is important that you keep copies of the enrollment agreement, receipts, and any other information that documents the monies paid to the school.

Students are required to have a hard copy of materials in class. You can download a soft copy and print them out yourself to have your materials fee waived. If you choose to have FMAE provide the hard copies, there will be a materials fee.

Current/Returning students: Please contact or call 925-820-1343 to register for your class one week before the class start date, and login to your account to pay your tuition online.

Tuition/Fees Per Class

Class Tuition Materials Fee
FMAE 202: Child Development $495 $0
FMAE 101/TED 7665-HA: Philosophy $495 $0
FMAE 102/TED 7677-HA: Practical Life $495 $0
FMAE 103/TED 7667-HA: Sensorial $495 $0
FMAE 104/TED 7666-HA: Language $495 $0
FMAE 105/TED 7669-HA: Mathematics $495 $0
FMAE 106/TED 7675-HA: Natural Sciences $495 $0
FMAE 107/TED 7670-HA: Art, Music & Movement $495 $0
FMAE 108: Classroom Leadership $495 $0
FMAE 109/TED 7693-HA: Practicum I $795 $300
FMAE 110/TED 7618-HA: Practicum II $795 $300
**FMAE 203: Child, Family, and Community $495 $0
FMAE 204: Early Childhood Education Administration $495 $0
**FMAE 301: Montessori Early Childhood Overview $495 $0
**FMAE 302: Montessori Teacher Assistant $690 $0

Total is based on regular tuition ($495). For college credit, add $430 for each available class.** Elective courses. Not required for AMS credential.

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"Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society," said Maria Montessori, and if you have a high school diploma or a GED, you can enroll in the Fountainhead Montessori Adult Education (FMAE) program. There is no pre-admissions test or evaluation. If you qualify, simply register, complete the enrollment agreement, and you are off to make a better society...

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