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To learn when these classes are available, please refer to our class schedule.

Montessori Philosophy
(33 hours, 3 units)

Instructors: Maryanne Haginbottom
Description: This class will provide an in-depth look at Dr. Montessori's life and work, including an overview of the Montessori movement. Other topics will include preparation of the teacher, setting up an environment, observation, discipline versus discipleship, and parent education. Two two-hour focused observations will be required.

Practical Life
(35.75 hours, 3 units)

Instructors: Elizabeth Peek
Description: This course will give detailed examples and activities for the philosophy and rationale of practical life, ground rules, grace and courtesy, control of movement, developing the hand, care of self, care of environment, and food preparation and nutrition. Two two-hour focused observations will be required.

(35.75 hours, 3 units)

Instructors: Mary Cooper
Description: This class will provide the philosophy and rationale for the sensorial materials, giving a comprehensive view of the materials aiding the development and refinement of the senses. These will include (1) sense of sight, discriminating dimension and form, color, or shape; (2) auditory sense, including the silence game; (3) olfactory sense; (4) baric sense; (5) tactile sense; and (6) stereognostic sense. Two two-hour observations will be required.

Art, Music & Movement
(33 hours) (3 units)

Instructors: Mary Cooper with Megan Barba (Art), Carolyn Lucento (Music) & Tom Robles (Movement)
Description: Art will introduce the student to art history art appreciation and the art media. Exploration and creation of art activities will be included. The Music Workshop will include singing, rhythmic & instrumental skills, movement and body awareness. The Movement Workshop will cover Movement, body awareness, non-competitive games, as well as, loco-motor, stationary & game skills. Two 2-hour focused observations will be required.
Schedule: Three Saturday workshops and 3 evening classes (Tues./ Thurs.) in June.

(35.75 hours, 3 units)

Instructors: Mary Cooper
Description: This class will give the philosophy and rationale of the language curriculum. Included will be an overview of receptive and expressive language experiences, visual and auditory perceptual experiences, and vocabulary development and enrichment. The basic language materials such as sandpaper letters, movable alphabet, and metal insets, as well as writing, reading, and grammar, will be covered. Two two-hour focused observations will be required.

Arithmetic: Methods and Materials
(35.75 hours, 3 units)

Instructors: Julianne Golden
Description: This class will provide the philosophy and rationale for arithmetic in the early childhood curriculum. Materials covered will include those aiding the development of these concepts and skills: (1) introduction to numeration; (2) the decimal system, and the functions of the decimal system; (3) linear and skip counting; (4) operations and memorization of facts; and (5) fractions. Two two-hour focused observations will be required.

Natural Sciences
(35.75 hours, 3 units)

Instructors: Amy Griffis
Description: Botany and Zoology will provide the philosophy and rationale for these subjects in the early childhood curriculum with an overview of the sequence, method and materials for these subjects. The Physical Sciences will cover the philosophy, rationale, methods and materials for Astronomy, Meteorology and Physics. Two 2-hour focused observations will be required.

Practicum: Internship Component
(minimum 540 hours)

Instructors: Maryanna Heginbottom
Description: No part of the practicum may precede the beginning of the academic phase of the program, and student teaching must be preceded by sufficient and appropriate coursework to prepare the student for a successful experience. Students must maintain a B or higher in all classes and meet a written English standard to enroll in the Honors Practicum classes. This internship consists of a supervised student teaching in an early childhood classroom under the direction of a master teacher. (See Practicum Standards and Responsibilities, pages 18–20.) The internship provides in-depth, hands-on experience working directly with children in a prepared environment. The student teacher will prepare lesson plans, make materials, record observations of children, and prepare parent conference forms under the guidance of the master teacher. The student teacher will be responsible for assisting with preparing the environment and classroom management. The student will keep a journal and a practice log and do six hours of outside observations. The master teacher will prepare monthly evaluations of the student teacher's progress. The supervising teacher will conduct a minimum of three on-site observations and evaluations of the student.

Practicum: Seminar Component
(40 hours, 6 units)

Instructors: Maryanna Heginbottom
Description: The student will register for two quarters—Fall and Spring. These classes will provide the philosophy and rationale of student teaching. Included are in-depth overviews of classroom management and leadership, parent education and conferencing, professionalism, and problem solving. In addition, each student will prepare a comprehensive child study based on a minimum of 18 hours of direct observation. A synthesis project, demonstrating the students' ability to develop a unit of study for the classroom that includes preparing materials in all subject areas, will be required.

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Education is a natural process carried out by the child and not acquired by listening to words but by experiences with the environment.

– Maria Montessori